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Why should we cleanse?

With the Christmas season upon us we can all relate to overindulging and as a result feeling a little sluggish, a little heavier and generally not as well as we would like. Then January comes around and there is lots of talk about detox's, juice diets, cutting out the carbs and so on.... But what exactly is a cleanse and how do they work?

In todays society we are all exposed to both external and internal toxins. External toxins include pollution, pesticides, unfiltered water, alcohol, caffeine and medications. Internal toxins are produced by the body itself, such as toxins produced by harmful bacteria or even by-products of hormone processing such as oestrogen. Over time toxins build up and as a result the liver can become sluggish and the body starts to suffer. If you start noticing abnormalities like acne, aching joints, sporadic headaches, PMS, insomnia, weight gain, stomach aches, poor digestion or low energy then these are all signs that the body is struggling to detoxify and is in need of a "tune up". The best way to do this is to cleanse allowing the body a change to rid itself of toxins, heal and function optimally again. Cleansing is not a fad detox and when done properly allows change to occur in the body on a deeper cellular level. To do this the body needs many nutrients and macronutrients, such as fat and protein, clinically shown to support the process.

Cleansing has been around for centuries and is a regular part of many cultures. It can heal the body re-setting it for better health. To cleanse safely and effectively it is best done under the supervision of a nutritional therapist who can advise on the right diet and supplementation. For more information please contact me at

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