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My top tips for eating well during the festive season.

With December fast approaching many of us find our diaries filling up fast with parties, work christmas drinks and generally lots of fun activities, which usually involve eating and drinking! It is very easy to gain a few pounds over the christmas season and I often hear clients saying to me in January that "they overindulged".

I am the first to admit that I love all the amazing christmas foods, especially mince pies. So how do we eat well but avoid pilling on the pounds? Here are my top tips.

  • Fill up on lots of vegetables and lean proteins. This is usually easy on christmas day and when eating at parties opt for the crudités, lean meats and fish. Vegetables are filling, nutrient packed and help keep your bowels moving.

  • Stay hydrated. Not only will this make you feel fuller, therefore avoiding over eating, it will also helps prevent headaches and feeling tired and sluggish.

  • Be picky about your dessert. Opt for a little of the ones you really want rather than taking a huge portion of something your aren't actually that fussed about.

  • Burn it off by running around with the kids, country walks or going for a jog.

  • When you feel full decline the extra portion! I know it is tempting but save and freeze leftovers instead and enjoy them another time.

  • Try baking your own christmas biscuits, mince pies and christmas treats. That way you can control the amount of sugar that goes into them. The kids will love this too.

  • Stock up on healthier foods to have around the house like bowls of nuts in shells that you have to crack to eat (which usually limits your intake) and seasonal fruits.

  • Take your time when eating to savour the flavours and really enjoy what you eat.

Happy Eating!

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