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Healthy Tips For Your Holidays

With only a few weeks until schools break up for the summer holidays I am sure many of you will be boarding a plane, boat or getting in the car for your family holiday. For many this is a time for some rest and relaxation so staying healthy whilst holidaying is important to ensure you get the most enjoyment from your break. Here are my top tips for some common health complaints whilst holidaying:

  1. Avoiding upset tummies: For many it is all too familiar getting travellers diarrhoea! or for some constipation. To help keep your tummy in top condition and help protect you from tummy upset then probiotics are a good idea. Most probiotics need to be refrigerated but some do come in blister packs and can be kept out of the fridge. Start taking them two weeks before travel and continue to take them whilst away. Make sure you keep hydrated, especially if you are out in the sun.

  2. sunburn : To help soothe sunburn naturally try aloe vera gel as this has cooling and healing properties that will help reduce redness and prevent peeling. Avoid creams with lots of chemicals as this can irritate the skin more. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.

  3. Avoid picking up bugs on the plane: Planes are notorious for picking up bugs with all the recycled air that circulates in the cabin. To help boost your immune defences try increasing your levels of vitamin C, D, E and Zinc either through taking a specific immune supplement or increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables in particular berries, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds.

  4. Avoid getting indigestion from eating too much: On holiday you tend to eat richer foods that for some can cause indigestion. Your digestive tract naturally produces enzymes to help break down foods but sometimes these need a helping hand. Try increasing foods that contain digestive bitters and enzymes like rocket, papaya, pineapple or some warm water with lemon before your meal.

  5. Avoiding putting on those extra holiday pounds!: It's all to familiar gaining a few pounds whilst overindulging on holiday. To avoid piling on the pounds start the day with a healthy breakfast combining a healthy protein with a complex carbohydrate which will help stabilise your blood sugar levels and give you sustained energy. Good options include: natural yoghurt with fresh fruit, seeds and nuts; poached eggs with wholegrain toast with a side of avocado, mushrooms or tomatoes; porridge with seeds and berries. For lunch and dinner try to fill half your plate with fresh vegetables, this helps avoid overindulging in the foods that might not be as good for us. Make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid the mixed juices and cocktails which tend to be loaded with sugar. If you can be active for at least an hour a day this will help keep your metabolism up - go for a walk, join an exercise class, have a swim or download an exercise app and do it daily.

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